Arches Home Enclosures

Chalet style housing for rural and recreational environments.

Imagine living in a beautiful and versatile home that is closer to nature and outside of the daily commute. Now you can with Arches Home Enclosures, a Canadian made housing solution like no other.

Integrate your lifestyle into a natural environment with a strong, permanent structure that is safe, cost effective, efficient and built to last. Your home, or workplace, will be built on-site by a team of professionals and finished by contractors to provide you with all the comforts you’ve come to expect from modern living.

Select from a variety of spacious floorplans or have our design team create a semi-customized layout for you. Then, add storage to accommodate outdoor gear, recreational or work vehicles, or the necessities of your day-to-day life.

Arches homes range from a cozy 1,200 sq.ft. up to a more than comfortable 5,000 sq.ft. structure. Everyone from singles, couples, to families can have the opportunity to enjoy nature right outside your front door.

Arches Home Enclosures, building spaces that are simply resourceful.