Live, Work or Play.

High performance homes to support just about anything

Arched building forms appeared as early as the second millennium BC in Mesopotamia. As one of world’s oldest known building systems, the arch is revered for it’s simplicity and it’s strength. Our modern Arches Building System inherits the same qualities, to provide homes that are simple to construct, energy-efficient and naturally strong.

A unique space unlike any other

  • Provides an inviting home for one person, a couple or a family.
  • Simple but sophisticated designs that fit into a natural environment.
  • Vaulted ceilings and spacious interiors create a warm and comfortable living space.
  • Standard and semi-customizable floorplans are available.

Design advantages

  • Uses less resources to build than traditional structures.
  • Exceptional thermal performance that requires less energy to heat and cool than standard homes.
  • Highly insulated and air tight enclosure protects from moisture and uncontrolled airflow, effectively meeting or exceeding the BC Energy Step Code airtightness guidelines.
  • Durable arched roof helps prevent excessive snow accumulation.

Easy to build

  • Safer to build and maintain than other buildings, as construction fall hazards are substantially reduced.
  • Typically faster to build from start to finish than traditional structures.
  • Arches Home Shells conform to the same regulated rules, guidelines and building codes as traditional on-site houses.

Versatile spaces

  • Built for accessible living and designed for future conveniences.
  • Ranges of sizes from a cozy retreat or remote office to a spacious home for the whole family.
  • Fully integrated storage for cars, work trucks or off-road vehicles.
  • Ideal for commercial applications, including office buildings and
    retail space.

Affordable living

Arches Home Shells are affordable and easy to budget*:

Arches Structural Home Shell Package

$45 – $50 per sq.ft.

Completed Two Story Homes (including Arches Home Shell)

$175 – $195 per sq.ft.

Completed Single Story Homes (including Arches Home Shell)†

$195 – $225 per sq.ft.

*Budget costs are general in nature and subject to confirmation with specific site conditions. The above costs assume level open site with no access restrictions and stable soil conditions. Good quality finishes interior and exterior of the building are also assumed. The above budgetary costs building construction costs only. They do not include other costs such as Land, Architect and Engineers fees, permits, site services, septic tanks, surveys, insurances, driveways, fencing, landscaping, etc. All inclusive line item budgets are prepared after site visit and project parameters are discussed. †Singe story models are only available as an additional structure with the purchase of a 36’, 42’ or 50’ Arches Home Shell package.