On-site Installation Process

Your Arches Home Shell Package

Arches Building System provides the Arches Home Shell package which includes the roof, walls and essential structure. However, finishing your home will require a team of professionals including an architect and finishing contractor to assure that it is completed to your requirements.

All complete Arches Home Enclosures are a collaborative project between five key teams. 


2. Architects & Engineers:

customize interior layouts, plan the site, reinforces building performance and code compliance, acquire building permit applications and submissions, provide the foundation, engineering, design components, assemblies, driveways, sewage and drainage.

3. Referree (Municipal Planning Departments):

issues Building Permits, arranges inspections and issues Occupancy Certificates. 

4. Arches Building System:

provides the Arches Home Shell structural details and architectural drawings, delivers, manufactures and installs your Arches Home Shell on-site.

5. Contractors:

pour the foundation, finish the interior and exterior, electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning.